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1. Do you have a $500 down program for bad credit & what are your requirements?

Yes we do. Not everyone qualifies for $500. We do guarantee the lowest down payment & best deal in town on purchasing a quality car. Requirements for all deals are proof of income (ok on job letters, daily journal…but not for $500 down), proof of residency, and 2 forms of ID. We also report to the credit bureau from the day you purchase the vehicle. You will have good credit in no time and make your next purchase with $0 down! The following is a very general guideline for $500 down:

  • -Over $1500 monthly income
  • -reasonable car
  • -Drivers License (but not needed with higher down)
  • -Job time more than 1 year
  • -recent positive activity
  • - No multiple bankruptcies / none within 2 yrs
  • -Not a temporary employee & provable income
  • -No multiple repossessions / none within 2 yrs

2. Do you Lease cars?

No, we sell cars! In the bad credit leases you will have a large balloon payment at the end of the lease. You will have negative equity during the entire lease. Which means you won’t be able to trade in your car at another dealership, because you owe too much. At the end of the lease most cars aren’t worth the balloon payment. So, many people give their car back, but it will go as a Voluntary Repo on your credit. Then because of your very recent repo, most car dealers won’t sell you another car unless you have a really large down payment.

3. Do you check credit?

Yes, only to see if you are in active Chapter 13. Then we would need a letter from the bankruptcy court. We easily handle bad credit. What is more important is job income, time lived in the area … yes running credit could lower your score by only a couple of points, but if you do several credit pulls all at car lots around the same time, credit bureaus will general count that all as one credit pull. Don’t fall for a Dealer that scares you to not fully check out other car lots. We pride ourselves at being the best all around dealer.

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2653 Mount Moriah Rd Memphis, TN 38115


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