Example of Down Payment and Monthly Payment generalized programs:

Program Example 1 *

Customer: No credit or bad credit is okay, no bankruptcies, not currently in bankruptcy and none dismissed, no repos, has valid driver’s license, proof of income with check stubs, proof of residency, and current positive financial stability.

Down Payment: $1000 Down

Vehicle: Most types of vehicles $11,500 amount financed = customers’ income must be over $2100 month.

Approximately every $100 decrease in income = $540 decrease in amount financed (or need larger down payment)

Payment Term: Payment maximum is 25% of monthly income, vehicles 4 years and newer up to 60 months.

Other options are available within this program. Some restrictions may apply.

Program Example 2 *

Customer: Job Letter as only proof of income, or temporary employment with short job time, or multiple old repos or bankruptcies, or No driver’s License, and current positive financial stability.

Down Payment: 20% of amount financed

Vehicle: Finance up to $15,000 (dependents on income levels and other variables).

Payment Term: Payment maximum is 25% of monthly income, vehicles 4 years and newer up to 60 months.

Other options are available within this program available. Some restrictions may apply.

*This is not meant to be a financing approval or all program guidelines. More details would be needed for overall loan structure. This is to be used as a general guideline as to certain broad general situations and how customer budget, vehicle price, and customer stability interact with a car loan.

What documents or other items will I need?

The below are the basic documents (some situations may require less or more documents):

  • We accept many types of Government issued ID ’s (drivers license is only needed for low down payment programs).
  • Proof of residency within 30 days of financing: bill with your name and address (like utility or cell phone…), lease agreement (if recently moved), or bank statement.
  • Proof of income within 30 days of financing your car: last 2 consecutive pay check stubs, or 3 months of bank statements, or front/back copies of your checks clearing through employers checking, or award letter for fixed income
  • 5 to 6 references
  • Proof of full coverage insurance before vehicle is delivered. (we can refer you to reputable insurance agencies)
  • If you have a Vehicle to trade in, you will need to bring title and vehicle.
  • Your down payment (we accept cash, and debit / credit cards)

How much of a down payment or monthly payment will I need?

We GUARANTEE the lowest monthly note and down payment on a quality used car purchase for people with bad credit or no credit.  We customize the down and monthly payment based on each individual situation.  So we need to have a complete application before we can tell you the minimum down payment.  Because we take the time to budget for you, we will lower your risk for repossession or bankruptcy.  If you get a lower down or payment structure somewhere else, it is because you are leasing a car that will have a balloon payment at the end, or it is a lower quality car, or it doesn’t include the taxes.

You don’t have specific car I want.

We are willing to go find what you want!  We can get most vehicles within a week.  You will provide us with your documents and information needed for financing. We will structure a deal based on your budget and vehicle requirements. If you are agreeable to the payment terms, we will begin looking for the vehicle for you. Once we have found the specific car for you and you are agreeable to the car, we require a $500 deposit that will be applied toward the down payment. This is needed before we actually purchase the vehicle for you.

What about a warranty?

Warranty’s can be purchased or financed on all vehicles.  This means the down payment and or the monthly payment would go up a little, or a warranty can be purchased in whole.  The only time this is not possible is because the person is already maxed out on their down payment or monthly note for the purchase price of the vehicle.  You can buy a warranty even if you didn’t purchase a vehicle with us.

Warranties are a good idea if there is no way you could afford a significant auto repair.  We do a thorough 124 point mechanical inspection on our vehicles prior to sale. However, there are some mechanical breakdowns that we are not able to predict and happen without notice.

How long would I need to keep my vehicle before I could trade it in with my better credit score?

With many variables, we would say it is reasonable to have a beginning credit score in the 500 ‘s and purchase a vehicle under $10,000 with us and be able to trade it in 1 – 2 years with $0 down ( no down payment ) and get a better interest rate and overall deal.  There are many variables to this question like on time payments / new credit score, price of the vehicle you are purchasing, payment term / depreciation on original car …

Do you check my credit report and will it hurt my credit score?

Our review will NOT hurt your credit score.  We do a SOFT credit pull to see if you are in active Chapter 13 bankruptcy and to check the accuracy of your application.  This will not lower your credit score.  We pride ourselves at being the best all around dealer for people with bad credit or no credit.  We know what our customers need and provide options for all customers.

Do your loans report to the credit bureau?

Yes, all of our programs report to the credit bureau.

What is this 0% interest financing deal for people with bad credit?

This is simply a lease and the interest, profit, price are all rolled up in the monthly payment.  Add all the payments plus your down payment plus the balloon payment at the end (called “residual value” on your lease) and this is what you are paying for the car.  With a lease there is nothing called the sales price or interest rate.  You are locked into a total amount owned no matter if you make your payments early or trade the car it.  They want the total payments plus balloon payment.  Just be sure to check out the total of car payments, plus down payment amount, plus residual value, plus excess mileage charges, plus  early termination fees, insurance requirement and late payment fees.  0% interest is simply a marketing sham.

I am having problems with my current car payment or car mechanical issues. Should I visit you before I give back my car?

YES!!! We can look at your options prior to you giving back your car and incurring a repossession! We are able to give you examples of down payments and monthly payments on a selection of vehicles with or without you giving back the car. We can discuss possible short term and long term credit effects. We also can confirm if there is any possibility of trading the car and paying off your loan. It would then be your decision after reviewing the cost/benefits.




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